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Cute Relationship Status In Hindi And Nice Status

Cute Relationship  Status in Hindi, Today I tell you best relationship is life good time Whether for Life requires good  Relationships are really important in life. Actually, its all depends on the nature of our relationships,if they are good all is good, if they are bad, then GOD help us.Good relationships are all in need, latest  cute relationship Whatsapp  status along with some ideas linking toward broken relationships, sad, complicated and true relationship. We made this whole list with a great research work of our readers to pick up the most amazing status and quotes.You will surely like the out of the box ideas for this specific situation of life. everyone should love, it’s not good of him every parson. if you want to search this page status and share your friend’s any language available status for relationship moreover new update of this website.

relationship status

Cute Relationship Status in Hindi And Nice Status

Tairna to aata tha Hume Mohabbat ke samandar main,
Lekin Jab Usne Hi Haath Nahi Pakda to Doob Jana hi accha laga..

Don’t be mad because I don’t give a f*ck,
be mad because I once did and you were too blind to see.

Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication.
It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships

Mujhe pta h meri khuddariya tumhe kho degi
Main bhi kya karu mujhe maangne ki aadat nhi.

मिलने को तो दुनिया मे कई चेहरे मिले,
पर तुम सी  ‪#‎ मोहब्बत‬  हम खुद से भी न कर पाये..!!

I love everyone! I love to be around some people,
I love to stay away from others,
and some I’d just love to punch right in the face!

When I dream, I dream of you. Maybe one day,
dreams will come true. Because, I really love you.

Quotes in Hindi For Best Relationship

Insaan Ka Dil Kabhi Khrab Nahi Hota Hai Par Samay Aur Paristhiti Ke Anusaar,
Uske Hatho Kuch Aisa Ho Jata Hai, JIsse Uske Apnon Ka Dil

Chhodo na yaar kya rkha h sunne or sunane me
Kisi ne kasar nahi chhodi dil dukhane mein..!!!

जी करता है मुफ़्त मे ही उसे अपनी जान दे द्,
इतने मासूम खरीददार से क्या लेन-देन करना |

EVERY relationship is temporary u never know
when u will die or some one leaves u without a reason

I’m not afraid to fall in LOVE,
I’m afraid to fall for a wrong person again.

Relationships should have the determination on like SANDAL WOOD…
which never loses its fragrance even if its broken into thousands pieces..!!

Hate is like acid.It damages the vessel in
which it is stored and destroys the vessel in which it it is poured.

Beside “Single” and “In a Relationship”,
there should be a relationship status for
“I don’t even know what’s going on”

Relationship Funny Status in Hindi 

Everyone says you only fall in love once, but that’s not true,
every time i hear your voice I fall in Love all over again.

“There’s no such thing as addiction, there’s only
things that you enjoy doing more than life.” – Doug Stanhope

“There’s no such thing as addiction, there’s only
things that you enjoy doing more than life.” – Doug Stanhope

Being single is not always a curse. Sometimes it
is a blessing because you don’t have to worry about being disappointed.

Most Touching Lines Said
By A True Lover To His
Love While Break Up:
Of All The Lies You Told Me,
”I Love You”
Was My Favourite’ ..!

Its very easy to say “busy” when someone needs you…
But its very painful to hear “Busy” when you need someone…

A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you cant go anywhere until you change it

Everything happens for a reason but sometimes reason is
that you’re stupid and you make bad decisions.    …

Friendship Quotes in Hindi

Sometimes the first step to forgiveness is understanding that the other person is a complete idiot

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.

Love is like a rubber band, when both can stretch ,
and then one can release then it can heart the other!

Patience is not simply the ability to wait –
it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.

Men who are bad with eye contact needs to know, Breasts don’t have eyes.

A smile can hide so many feelings. Fear, sadness, heartbreak… But it also shows one other thing, strength.

Anyone else sit on the toilet and play with their phone until you realized you have been finished 10 minutes ago?

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Romantic Status In Hindi For Relationship

राज तो हमारा हर जगह पे है…।
पसंद करने वालों के “दिल” में ; और
नापसंद करने वालों के “दिमाग” में…।।

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

में बंदूक और गिटार
दोनों चलाना जानता हूं ।
तय तुम्हे करना हे की
आप कौन सी धुन पर नाचोगे.

The only reason I am fat because a tiny body couldn’t store all this personality.

We don’t have to be alike to be friends. We just have to care about each other!

The only time I realized I fell in love with you was the only moment
I found out that you had already belonged to someone else.

hate when people look at my phone while I’m typing.
It’s not that I have something to hide… It’s just none of their damn business

Fake friends are around when they think you’re
cool true friends are around even when they think you’re fool.

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